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Ladybug is Licensed and Insured

Serving Greater Boston for over 20 years, Ladybug Pest Control Services® has the experience and resources to get rid of and protect you and your family or business from annoying, dirty, and often destructive:

Carpenter Ants  •  Bed Bugs  •  Cockroaches  •  Termites
Mice & Rats  •  
Flies/Fruit Flies  •  Stinging Insects’ Nests
 Moths  •  Occasional Invaders (Centipedes, Beetles, Earwigs) 
Fleas  •  Silverfish  •  Ticks  •  and More 

Ladybug Pest Control begins every job with a thorough and detailed inspection to make sure your home, office, hotel, restaurant, or other property is cleared of existing pests and protected from further incursions. And when you sign up for one of our annual Protection Plans, you’ll never have to worry about pests again, because not only will Ladybug come check your property and treat it on a regular basis, but if pests do make their way in, you will also be able to call us to take care of it at no added cost. Call us or see Our Plans to learn more.

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