It’s termite season! Do you have any idea how much damage termites can cause?

Up to $5 Billion annually!

They’re insidious and we don’t always see them, they can be deep in the wood in our homes. But not to worry. Ladybug Pest Control Services, which is fully licensed and insured, can provide you with the protection you need from these tiny wood destroying insects. We will come to your home or place of business, conduct a thorough inspection, and tell you if you have termites (or not, which is always good news!) Inspections are free, however there is a $100 fee for termite inspection paperwork associated with a VA/VHA loan.

Not only does Ladybug Pest Control Services do the inspection, but we provide the treatment for termites as well. And Ladybug Pest Control Service’s Termite Treatment Packages are fully warrantied for FIVE FULL YEARS. You’ve called the rest, now call the BEST.

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