Summer is peak season for bugs and pest, and they usually start to appear between April and June. And with the warmer weather and people and pets spending more and more time outside there are plenty of ways for these unwanted pests to enter your home. But don’t let pests ruin your summer. Below are some of the best tips for summer pest prevention.

Ants are a major issue to many Americans in the summer months. Ants are not only a nuisance, they can be a threat to your home or family. Carpenter ants can eat away at the homes structure, pharaoh ants can transmit disease and fire ants can be harmful if a person is allergic.

Tips for protecting yourself and home from ants include:

• When outside stay in the shade or cooler areas as fire ants usually prefer hot sunny locations.
• Clean up spilt food and drinks immediately, and keep food stored tightly, to prevent from attracting ants, especially during outdoor dining.
• Rinse out cans before putting them into recycling
• Seal Cracks around doors and windows

Bees and wasps are another potentially dangerous summer pests. Both wasps and bees have painful stings and can be dangerous if disturbed. These stings can become dangerous and even life threaten to someone with an allergy, which is why it is best to avoid them at all costs.

Here are some tips on helping to prevent bees and wasps from bothering you this summer.
• Monitor around your home for nests
• Act calmly if bees or wasps are flying around you
• Keep food containers tightly sealed especially while outdoors, don’t leave food out in the open
• Empty and clean out garbage cans often

Do not try to tackle a beehive on your own. It takes a trained professional to determine what type of bees or wasps nest it is and some can be more dangerous than other. For example, Africanized Honey Bees can swarm and repeatedly sting the person or animal that may have threatened their nest. If you find a nest around your home call the professionals to have it removed.

If you have a summer pest problem or are interested in our home prevention plans, contact Ladybug Pest Control in Quincy today!

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