A flea infestation may sound minor, but it can take a lot of time and effort to overcome. The pros at Ladybug Pest Control have the experience, training, and resources to rid your home of them, as well as great empathy for what fleas can put your pets and family through until they are gone.

Flea Facts
The flea shown at right is a Cat Flea, but it’s found on dogs and cats in equal amounts. Of course, you will never see a flea this large outside of a movie. This one was photographed via microscope. Adult fleas can be seen with the naked eye, though, and are very narrow, making it easy for them to go between the hairs of your pets’ coats. And if they haven’t had a “blood meal” in a while, you may even see them jump toward a pet or a family member in search of their next feeding.

If you follow a flea defense regimen suggested by your veteranarian for your pets, you are likely to find fewer fleas in the house, but that may not stop them all. Fleas are parasites, after all, that thrive on drawing blood meals from animals or people. And fleas can also get in on rodents, like a mouse. Even after a mouse is caught in a trap, the fleas can move on into the house.

Ridding your home of fleas, as well as their eggs, larvae, and pupae can be quite difficult, and very complex since fleas tend to live on pets and people, in addition to nesting areas. Call Ladybug right away and our pros will come evaluate your flea situation, then recommend a full program for evicting and eliminating the little creatures.