German Cockroaches


Ladybug can rid your home or buildings of German Cockroaches and more, and protect against them coming back. We’ll even provide tips on how to dissuade them from moving in with you in the first place.

German Cockroach Facts
Oddly enough, the roaches found most often across the U.S. are…that’s right…German Cockroaches. There are so many of them because they reproduce quickly. The main problem with them is that their preferred diet is remnants of people food, although in truth they will eat just about anything. That’s why these disgusting creatures tend to live close to people, and their favorite place to stay is a human dwelling. Possibly yours.

Adult German Cockroaches have medium brown coloration with two visible dark stripes going from their head to the back. Young ones are almost black in color, but have the same stripes. Although they have wings, they prefer running to flying, and they usually grow to just over 1/2” long.

Make no mistake, German Roaches are not only disgusting themselves, they also bring germs and bacteria into the house from…well…places too disgusting to consider going to. They contaminate the space with waste products, which can also set off allergies, and cast off their skin. And to make the matters worse, they secrete odors – a musty smell in the room you can actually feel. They also reproduce quickly, so once you see one or more of these beasties in your home or building, act fast to get rid of them. Like calling us.