Occasional Invaders


It’s not unusual to come across a many-legged Occasional Invader like this in your kitchen, bathroom, or basement. In fact, they often travel indoors via drains. It’s a centipede and is generally harmless, but they can move fast and, like all insects, they can spread germs and bacteria that could make you or a child sick.

Invaders? What? Really?
Yes, that’s a real category in pest control circles. Occasional Invaders refers to those insects that you may not see very often, but that can still cause real problems and, at the very least, creep out you, your family, or your tenants. In New England, a few such pests put into this category include:
• Centipedes & Millipedes
• Crickets
• Earwigs
• Beetles
• Sowbugs
• American House Spiders
• Comb-Clawed Spiders
• Silverfish
• Common Pillbugs
• Stinkbugs
• Seedbugs
• Brown dog ticks (and other ticks)

Make no mistake — any one of the Occasional Invaders on this list can be damaging to your building or home, and need to be removed or eliminated in its own way. Call Ladybug Pest Control and we will not only remove the invaders and protect against new infestations, but will also give you tips on how to avoid future problems with the specific pests troubling you.