The termites at right are young and still forming. But it won’t take long before they will be eating through nearby wood wherever they can get to it. They depend on moist, dark, damp areas to live, though, so it’s wood exposed to moisture where you are most likely to see them. Or call Ladybug Pest Control now at 617-745-0044 and we will find and eradicate them for you.

Termite Essentials
Did you know that Quincy, Boston, Milton, Braintree, and Weymouth are all considered areas at high risk for termite infestations? There are swarmers, workers, and soldiers, but no matter what “class” they are, you do not want them moving into and starting to eat your home, barn, building, restaurant, shed, or shop.

Spring and summer are the most likely times for “swarming,” but it’s wise to keep an eye out for warning signs at all times. Termites thrive in moist, dark, damp environments, so anywhere that water has leaked in, plumbing failed, or where part of a wood structure intersects directly with dirt that is often moist — like under a porch, in crawlspaces, or behind a shed — keep an eye out for the little creatures at left, although they can also be dark brown, reddish brown, or a deep gold color.

Then call the pros at Ladybug Pest Control. We’ve been removing and treating for termites for over 20 years, and we can handle yours as well as, and for less money, than any national pest control chain.