The house mouse may be cute in a photo, but it’s creepy and disgusting when skittering around inside your home’s walls, through your boxes in the attic, and around your garbage cans.

Facts About Mice
Perhaps the most prevalent house pest anywhere is the common house mouse, also known as “Mus musculus.” They may look small and innocent, but they are also incredibly filthy and destructive little beasts inside a home. In fact, many homeowners learn of their presence by finding their droppings before they ever see or hear the mouse itself.

During warm weather, mice are often content living out amongst the grass and trees, but once it starts to get cold outside, they tend to move inside like the rest of us. That’s definitely something you do not want. Not only are mice known to gnaw through home materials, like walls, wiring, and floorboards, but will also eat boxes, furniture, clothing, and even rubber hoses on old cars and appliances if given time and opportunity, like in an attic or a quiet part of the garage. And they will leave it contaminated by their feces and urine.

In addition to all of that, one female mouse can have 50- 60 babies per year. In your house. Which just keeps expanding the cycle and their presence.

Call Ladybug and we will not only remove the house mouse problem, but will recommend actions to make your home rodent-resistant for the future.