Flies & Fruit Flies


The Fruit Flies at right are much smaller than common house flies, but because food contamination is the top problem they cause in homes, hotels, food stores, and restaurants, they are big enough to take steps to protect yourself, your family, and your property from them.

Facts About Flies
There are many varieties of flies in the world, but in the New England area we serve, the most prevalent and annoying to our customers are usually common House Flies and – around food – Fruit Flies.

Neither of these flies is threatening or damaging to property under normal circumstances, but all flies can transmit disease and contaminate food. In fact, they can pass along over 100 various pathogens and have been known to spread malaria, salmonella, and tuberculosis. Food contamination, though, is the most vital reason to control these pests and protect your home, restaurant, store, or other business and your family’s or customers’ health.

As for fruit flies, we often think of them as hovering around a kitchen or picnic area, but if you have kids, you know “forgotten” food can show up anywhere in your house, including nightstands, near the TV, on desks, in backpacks, and more. But not just food — discarded food packaging, like pudding cups or frozen yogurt wrappers, will also attract fruit flies to linger and nest.

If you have a fly infestation, call us at Ladybug Pest Control and we will come assess your situation, make recommendations, and treat your home or business to eliminate the problem.